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My Job Doesn’t Challenge Me

Today was so boring; my sole accomplishment was drawing a picture of myself being bored…

My Job Doesn't Challenge Me

The View En Route

I love taking the EL through downtown; if I can manage to block other riders out, it feels like I’m taking the Great Glass Elevator through the city.

downtown trainride

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I try to be a good listener -especially when it comes to gossip

Unfortunately once I know one bad thing, the flood gates open and all of a person’s faults start to call my attention: huge pores, oily skin, unruly body hair , a laugh that is both a bit too loud and a tad too enthusiastic.

good listener

I can’t relax and ease into the weekend…

…until I make sure that the sleeping love-child of Kool-Aid Man and Super Mario doesn’t roll into me.

kool-aid man

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