4 thoughts on “Nerd

  1. Well, not too many people know that I’m famous, either.

    • jfineoriginal says:

      Its possible that a lot more people know about you than you’re aware. Maybe, like me, they are playing it super cool – the way to see through it is when their eyes look really crazy. Popular misconception: spastic homeless people are actually superfans who just cant contain themselves

  2. frank e. from the other side of the pond says:

    Nice picture. I like it how the girl sits cool up on the stage or something during an interview – and you being uncool, talking about flushing… So, that’s fiction alright. It can’t be that YOU are flushing, right?! At last, you’re a celebrity yourself…

    • jfineoriginal says:

      Actually its all fact – right down to the way Emily was sitting during the interview. Feel like I will have reached a certain level of celebrity once I can make money off of it. Til then I will be blushing around comedians I admire…

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